Recently I’ve been back to what I consider (some) of my cultural roots, which is some part of buddhism.

I like it, it gives me food for my thoughts, and despite my constant research for something more practical … I always end up being clumsy about that.

Reasoning about life, the constant research in thoughts and the idea to mentally drain the self from the surplus, in a pursue of understanding… gives me a sense of fulfillment.

It’s not until recently I distilled that one of my big realisations relies on understanding and exploring the transience of humanity, not in the general self but specifically you, me, him, her.

The very people around us, and ourselves included, are temporary. Understanding this concept is key to my happiness, as I am able to use my sense of transience to understand what I want to spend time on.

The more I grow old, the more I realise most of the things I used to care about, deserve no more of my attention.

Instead I enjoy more and more experimenting and practicing empathy, in a pursue of understanding the human suffering and happiness, and all the states in between. I enjoy the colours of sunsets.

There are perhaps a few more things I find entertaining: certainly travelling is, or going to the movies. Or watching an old cartoon, reminds me when I was a child. But entertainment and happiness are different, and as much as I consider entertainment something I can indulge on, happiness is the way I’d like to be able to live my life.