The things I know have changed a lot since I was younger. Like literally a lot of things.
I used to believe more than a couple of eggs per week could kill you, in the long ran. Now I read articles about “egg fasting” and, believing that, you can eat a rather large number of eggs. For a good reason. At least that’s what they say.
When I was younger to lose weight, they said, you have to eat often. Now everybody is fasting, and that works, as I’m fasting as well.
I spent my life on diet, as I’m a happy overeater.

I over-eat for all kind of reasons:

  • met somebody special? let’s eat
  • alone and sad? let’s eat
  • arrived at work? let’s grab breakfast
  • satisfying meeting? time for a treat
  • frustrating meeting? need a candy bar
  • free bananas? Let’s have a couple

TL: DR; I always ended up with insulin spikes, fat storage and well beyond my recommended weight.

I’ve been on diet recently, and again, but this is kinda of fun now. London is an awesome place to be on diet.

After a few months deep in dieting it was time for a break, and naturally Christmas time seemed to be a natural diet-breaker.

At that time I used to live on a different flat than the one I live now. It’s the same building, same floor, it’s down the hallway. The bed there had a storage space: one of those storage space that feels fancy to me, because you can literally split open your bed with a gesture. It’s perfectly balanced: even if the mattress is heavy, you can just pull it up a bit and ta-dah, the bed splits open.

I chosen that space to prepare my diet break and, starting October, yes October, that’s where I stocked my stuff: sponge cakes, cookies, candy bar, all sorts of Christmas Italian desserts:

  • panettone
  • pandoro
  • tronky
  • galatine
  • pudding
  • Biscuits Mulino Bianco such as abbracci, pan di stelle, macine, campagnole
  • Nutella like there’s no tomorrow

Now my diet is strict, and doesn’t allow cheating or else. As strict I obeyed to it for months, as loose I let go during Christmas time.

I never really experienced the joy of eating everything on sight without guilt, and that’s something I discovered at the age of 41.

I used to workout a lot in the past, and that for the sole sake of being able to eat some more. But this is different.

Imagine the feeling to be able to eat as much as you want, including desserts, without feeling the need to balance that with sport.

If you are like me, you can comprehend the awesomeness of this feeling. But not everybody is the same.

Recently I found out, and by recently I mean last 5/6 years, I found out there are two different kind of people when it comes to explanations:

  • the inductive: to which you have to explain the context, the flow and, then, the final achievement
  • the deductive: they want the final achievement first, and then the explanation about how to get there

Each kind won’t accept the explanation in any other way, oh well they could accept it but they will get bored and judge your explanation confusing… Why he didn’t say where we were going with this earlier? and How am I supposed to believe this is what is going to be achieved if hir didn’t care to explain that first?

So, as much as I used to believe, as a kid, that there could be, somewhere, a best way to do something… there it goes… over time I found out that as you spend more time on earth you discover hundreds of ways to deal with everyday, all of them compatible with life and sustainable up to a certain point.

One might think this is some oriental, balanced shit or so but in fact most of our strong sciences work this way. Chemistry, Physics and Biology, to name some, in some cases cannot observe (and, thus, describe) the micro-world and need to formulate hypotesis and prove them in one way or the other. Sometimes there are theories or entire knowledge branches with known limitations, which are still used as they simplifies the study and comprehension of the matter up to a certain level.

How is this related to dieting? Because my guess would be: that’s the same. The basic rules are always the same:

  • eat less
  • move more

However, as always, basic rules are a bit abstract and relatively difficult to understand for most of the population.

So a number of simplified rules appears and this “handbook” tries to summarise studies and resesarch into actionable items.

To name an example which should, hopefully, be clear. The basic rule could be “Oxygen is vital for our cell”. Would you guess that you need to breathe? Would you get that too much carbon dioxide could kill you? Would you guess that injecting Oxygen in your blood stream will kill you? Those are contained in the handbook: breathe, air composition, do not inject.

But breathing and air composition could help, in some case:

  • birth (breathing)
  • recovery (air composition)
  • anesteshia (air composition)

Ultimately as our society changed, our behaviour, our attention span, and our ability to access food and sport changed… I guess dieting changed as well. And that’s why we fast, we eat a lot of avocados and, sometimes just the opposite.

As our society keep changing, we need to keep our understanding of the world, even the basic concepts, up to date.

Did you know raw common mushroom have a substance which could contribute to cancer? I would never have guessed, even if mushrooms are famous bastards.