André Vellori



Ownership, efficiency and “radical candor” are the terms I’d use to describe my approach to work, and sometimes in life. I’m passionate about delivery and I love lean product development so that’s where I tend to lead the delivery process to.

Simply put it would be “Build, measure and learn”.

What do I seek

A vibrant environment seeking to grow in delivery and efficiency. I’d like to put myself at test with challenging objectives, working with OKR (or similar), helping in the definition and discovery of the best Agile process. Support to a healthy and stable Engineering, helping people finding their role and supporting them in their growth is what make me the most satisfied. I worked in small startups and in growing companies up until big corporations and I helped along the way in the process and the structure. This is what I like best: help business grow.


iOS development: Xcode, Swift up to 5.1, Objective C, Storyboard and Programmatic UI, CoreData, RxSwift, UIKit, CocoaPods Carthage, RealM, Couchbase, Firebase

3rd party libraries often used: Fabric, Crashlytics, Firebase, RxCocoa, lottie, Alamofire

Cloud tech: AWS, CloudKit

Design: Figma, Zeplin, Sketch

CI: CircleCI, Bitrise, fastlane, Jenkins

Systems: Linux, Bash Scripting, AWK, bundle, Javascript, Node

Some technologies used in the past: Xamarin, Android Studio (Java), HTML, CSS, Ruby, Assembly Motorola 680x0, 6502

Past experience

  • 06/2019 - Present / iOS Lead / Curve 1 Limited - London, UK

The role covers some people management responsibilities and a technical focus on architecture and development. While coordination with UX, Product and BackEnd is key for successful and timely delivery, it’s iOS app architecture that allows multi-team cooperation and speedy scale up. Feature-Framework approach using MVVM, programmatic UI and RxSwift allows high-reusability on components, thorough unit testing and a great scale-up factor. Database is used for caching and improve UX in slow to no-network conditions.

  • 12/2018 - 05/2019 / iOS Team Lead / Loot Financial Services - London, UK

Being a small startup an initial product offering was in place when I joined, but the implementation suffered rush-planning and scarce resources. As the company was fed more resources we worked out a plan with the team to adopt RxSwift, MVVM, Unit and UI Testing. CI of choice has been Bitrise for its ease of use, and speedy onboarding of new developers.

  • 06/2018 - 12/2018 / iOS Chapter Lead / Payconiq - Amsterdam, NL

Mixed people responsibilities but mostly a technical reference in the iOS Development chapter. While a layer-architecture was in place most of the work consisted into creating, planning and starting the integration of a feature-framework based architecture. Adoption of this more modern architecture lets features be developed in silos, makes faster prototyping and create boundaries in regression-test, speeding up delivery and time-to-market of new features.

  • 02/2015 - 05/2018 / Team Lead / Verizon Connect - Dublin, IRL

My career in Verizon began as an individual contributor but quickly scaled up for the product Verizon Work, as a central point in a Greenfield project. Key parts has been coordination with backend and product for product validation and API design. In this time frame I become Couchbase expert and helper Verizon in the evaluation and assessment of the product in our architecture.

The Verizon Work app is a offline-capable office space for collecting jobs, recording work and inventory, with additional features such as signing, invoicing, multi-site capabilities and contact management. To ensure proper space for feature teams to work independently, and reusability of components, a feature-framework approach has been chosen, with multiple architecture adopt depending on the feature: from smart MVP (with testable logic), some MVVM and VIPER-S for the most complex sections.

  • 06/2011 - 02/2015 / iOS Lead / Sky - Milan, IT

In Sky, working with the partner Fincons Group and Polymedia/Kit Digital, I had a terrific experience of working with media and tight deadline, tremendous pressure. There I worked initially in the implementation group, helped Fincons grow a Mobile Practice of 20+ mobile developers with many collegueas successfully integrated in the Sky implementation team.

The biggest challenge of the SkyGo app (as with the others for Kids and Series), is the ability to be completely back end driven on the content, highly configurable on the content, the look and the definition of target users. Most of the work consisted into engineering a double style guide, which is basic components to be reused onto bigger chunks for page-like composition. CoreData as database and caching, Unit Tests and UI Tests to ensure a high quality on the final product.

  • 09/2009 - 06/2011 / Mobile Developer / Freelance - Milan, IT

Can provide more details about this experience on request

  • 10/2005 - 09/2009 / Fullstack developer / Ingenium Technology - Rome, IT

Can provide more details about this experience on request

  • 02/2002 - 10/2005 / Product Specialist / ONE - Rome, IT

Can provide more details about this experience on request


In my spare time I enjoy movies, listen to Audible (currently going over the complete Sherlock Holmes collection, read by Stephen Fry). I attend meet-ups and conference on topics such as Development, UX and Diversity at work on regular basis.

References available on request